Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No Fad Diets!

Since November I have gone through a lot of changes. Some big and some little. One of the biggest changes I have made with myself is losing 40 pounds. It hasn't really been that hard to DO just hard to stay on track. Yes, I have fallen off the horse and had my share of bad food and lazy nights but somehow, I manage to pull my butt up and do it again. How'd I do it? I didn't join any trendy health clubs like weight watchers or Jenni Craig. I didn't buy any books or go on any fad diets like the south beach diet or Atkins. Actually, the only thing I have spent was 10 bucks on a computer for my bike so I could track my mileage. All I have done is work out and eat better. I cut back my calories to no more than 1500 calories a day and I watch how much fat I eat and the type of carbs that I eat. And yes, I do eat carbs. I have been working out twice a day. Usually I go for an average 30 minute bike ride (sometimes 45 minutes if i am feeling good) in the late morning and then I am off to the gym in the evening. At the gym I run/walk for 30 minutes (always run more than walk) and then I hop on the bike and ride for 20 minutes. I am also doing 60-75 crunches, push-ups until they hurt, and then extra leg and arm strengthening workouts. In total, I work out about 2 hours a day. Also, the little things, when added up help: parking further away from the store, playing with my son, dancing, going to the beach and playing in the waves, etc... I also find that window shopping is nice. Its a little motivation to want to lose more weight so I can wear all the cute little clothes. I am keeping it up and I only have about 15 more pounds to go! I am hoping to reach my goal by June 15th.
I have also made some changes in my life. I am bettering myself. I have let go of the unnecessary stress and I am seeing things in a whole new light. With this new lifestyle of working out and eating better I am feeling better about myself and loving myself more. I have let go of insecurities and doubts. I have a new found love and respect for my husband and I am very very grateful for him and the things he has done. He is a wonderful amazing person! Of course, I am sure he feels a little smothered with all the love and attention I am giving him now but I just cant help myself. Letting go of all my worries and becoming a normal individual I feel like I have a whole new world that has opened up to me. I am happy I can share that with him and my son. I want to devote myself to being a wonderful mom and an amazing wife!